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when. you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i had lunch. i mean . i know that i'm still the same thing really messed up. and we're all over it so personally. the worst we're going through the white house soup of the day the radio guy for a minute. what. we're about to give you've never seen anything like this i'm told.
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welcome to breaking the set i'm having mine so it seems like drones are becoming more and more popular so unpopular in fact that even a high ranking u.s. military officials are railing against them including this guy retired general stanley mcchrystal the same person who wrote the book on u.s. counterinsurgency in afghanistan he said quote what scares me about drone strikes is how they're perceived around the world resentment created by american use of unmanned strikes is much greater than that and the average american appreciates their hated on a visceral level even by people who've never seen one or even seen the effects of one mcchrystal continued saying the u.s. use of drones worsens and quote perception of american arrogance that says we can fly we want we can show you where we want because we can you know it's amazing that this decorated general. actually telling us the unvarnished truth for once the
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shame clever it's only now in retirement that he's decided if you vote hold out an opponent against drone wars everything is always twenty twentieth's hindsight but why do we have to wait for hindsight to fix what's wrong let's go break the set. on this show you hear me harp. about terrible things happen in the world that often make us feel disempowered a lot of it has to do with wars corporate control special interest forces which are all in one way or another shaped by america's addiction to fossil fuels it seems that while the rest of the industrialized world is enjoying the benefits of clean energy this country is still fighting on how to balance fossil fuel subsidies before going off the fiscal cliff and of course the last thing on politicians' minds is protecting the environment. there are so many different sources of energy
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already available that could cut this country free of its addiction to fossil fuels and no i'm not going to talk about the alternatives pushed by the establishment like nuclear energy this is so-called alternative is potentially catastrophic to the environment and is only in place to perpetuate a profit structure set by the establishment itself of course every energy source has an impact even the so-called clean ones in the grand scheme of things the impact of clean energy sources on the environment is minimal when compared to the potentially disastrous effects of coal oil drilling and nuclear waste so let's go over just a few of them starting with solar and wind which are probably the most common a single hour of sunlight at high noon contains more energy than the entire world consumes in a whole year and when it comes to wind a single one megawatt wind turbine operated only half capacity has the potential to meet the needs of about five hundred households per year and there are even more alternatives in this there's tidal wave and geothermal energy which could have
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norma's capacity and would do away with so much of the harmful pollution that legs our environment from burning and drilling according to a two thousand and six mit study geothermal energy alone could meet the energy needs of every country in the world for four thousand years luckily some countries are already seizing on the technologies available in germany on any given sunny day the countries wind farms harness as much electricity as thirteen nuclear power plants would otherwise produce in fact renewables account for over twenty five percent of electricity fed into germany's power grid and the us they only account for six percent but energy can also be about making the best out of what we waste the most in sweden for instance only four percent of their trash goes to landfills the rest of it goes to generating heat electricity for twenty percent of the nation and fact their waste management is so dam of fission that in. addition to transferring the energy of their own trash they've actually started to import
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garbage from their neighbor norway here's the bottom line if policymakers could only look beyond the moneymaking solutions put forth by the dominating energy industry we would actually see that there are alternative forms of energy all around us just waiting to be tapped into we demand an end to the destructive processes currently being used to fuel humanity and demand the beginning of harmony and cooperation with the natural earth and when you consider the beautiful possibility of making the earth sustainable for all future generations i have to ask what are we waiting for. so as i mentioned last week one of the biggest weapons of mass distraction was indeed the looming fiscal cliff and behind all that is steria was one story not quite getting the attention it deserved the results of a four year request issued by the partnership for civil justice fund. and what it
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reveals well that the f.b.i. was extensively monitoring the occupy movement with counterterrorism agents and widespread surveillance court in the government the f.b.i. was just concerned that occupy would provide an outlet for a lone offender exploiting the movement but is not really the case well here to give us the lowdown on this pivotal unveiling of the surveiling i'm joined by mara for hayden hillard co-founder and executive director of the partnership for civil justice fund thank you so much for coming on mara thanks for having me so what were some of the most shocking revelations of this request and you've said yourself it's just the tip of the iceberg how deep is this really run while the documents that we got which is only about one hundred pages from the f.b.i. and field offices around the country show in the norm of this depth and breadth to the level of surveillance and use of f.b.i. authority against the occupy movement the f.b.i. in offices all over the united states was using domestic terrorism authority
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issuing domestic terrorism alerts and watches and then using that to go after the occupy movement and collect information on people and on a movement that they've known legit throughout the materials is a peaceful nonviolent movement. and going off the peaceful nonviolent movement you know this is supposed to be a government to protect our constitutional rights and civil liberties bill of rights our first amendment redress of grievances here their freedom to assemble one of these document shows the actual role of government in relation to these rights well what we see in these documents from the f.b.i. is not the first time they have done this it's not the last time the f.b.i. will do this and it's the historical role of the f.b.i. if you look at the fifty's the sixty's the seventy's every time this is social justice movement the united states the f.b.i. and other american intelligence agencies use the authority of the u.s. government use the intelligence gathering authority to act not as protectors of
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civil liberties for sure and not even in terms of you know stopping criminal conduct which is the idea of law enforcement act against the people the united states and it's an effort to stop the people the united states who have the ability in historically have created the progressive change in this country and they act to protect the establishment which is the other thing you see in these documents these documents show the f.b.i. over and over again meeting with partnering with the banks and wall street the very entities that people are rising up to protest against because of the fact that they caused this huge economic crisis and suffering here well put you know i can't help but think i know that this is kind of blown out of proportion but that to assassinate members of occupy that was also heavily redacted in the documents but you know it's not even that part of the story which is upsetting that they didn't warn people what what i think is interesting that the tables were turned if it was an occupied member planning to assassinate someone externally outside of that movement i just can't help but think that the media would take it that and use it
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to discredit the entire movement but of course they would the media would and the f.b.i. what i mean the f.b.i. and in the context of occupy and all around the united states they've created over the past number of years these terrorism plots that they themselves participated in and then announced. they have foiled they did that with occupy cleveland and here you have again a very redacted document but one that is saying that they had information intelligence some identified source that was talking about sniper attacks and assassination against occupy whereas the rest of the material in that where is that investigation. and i'll be talking to chris hedges later in the show but i wanted to and he's been all over this case he's quoted you and i'm really happy to hear that he's he's taking and running with that i want to read a quote from his book the death of the class that i think really applies to this he says the corporations that profit from permanent war need us to be afraid the imposition of fear ensures that the corporations that wrecked the country cannot be challenged would you say at this point are the corporations in the government are
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completely working in concert to manufacture fear i think that the government acts to protect the interests of the wealthy the elite the corporations those who are holding economic power in the united states and when you have a movement like occupy which is an organic movement born out of the necessity of the time you have an unsustainable system in the united states people are suffering on it they're rising up against it and the government and the intelligence agencies are playing their usual role to protect those institutions against change coming from below but you know we've seen that over and over again in history and over and over again people have prevailed against that right do you think that the federalist crackdowns the widespread police brutality this you know. the surveillance grid that we're just beginning to see was all designed just to crush resistance of course you know i think it was but i mean and you just said yourself it was but but do you think it worked i mean do you think that it created a chilling effect in this country that they established really wanted it always
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creates a chilling effect but it never creates a chilling effect such that people stop standing up for what they believe that people are always faced with these kind of hurdles these hurdles to come from police police on the ground we have seven thousand people in the eye. movement who arrested over the past year since its inception but these are the challenges to the social justice movement the united states has always faced and yes of course it's a chilling effect to think that the government is collecting information on the people the united states we're not accused of doing anything wrong and yet that same thing happened the sixty's the seventy's there were the church committee hearings and people rose up and were able to put a brake on it that's the same thing that the people can do now but they have to know about it which is why the p.c. jeff is finally in this for years and is fighting to get the documents out but isn't this is just the same old story like you're saying this happens every time almost how can we really fight this the surveillance great it's getting ever more pervasive they're seizing upon these technologies to just tap and everyone and it
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really does create the chilling effect that's the underlying problem especially the post nine eleven world kids who are growing up now have never experienced anything else other than this kind of overarching police state and surveillance state i mean how do we break out of this if we now know that we will be. experiencing this and it will be inhibit our activism well you're exactly right about the issue of the technology the problem that we face is always that the intelligence state the police state ism is really what we're seeing here takes advantage of the technologies of the time outpaces even the law and privacy laws and stance but as always it's that people actually have the right to control that so people have the right to demand controls restrictions it's not that the government has some right to use unbridled technology and unbridled surveillance without the people's input but that's what they're trying to do and people always
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have the ability to organize fight back to stop things and if you think about the civil rights era and what people were facing in jim crow apartheid in the united states it would have seemed like it was never going to end and yet people stood up they fought back against it and they brought jim crow apartheid to an end it's always possible and we can always be done and we have. thirty seconds left but why do you think that occupy was such a threat to the establishment i think because occupy speaks the needs of the people the united states and the people of the world who don't want to be oppressed for press and subject to the banks and corporations that are causing so much suffering against the people actually do the work and society and people are rising up because they need to because they're going to have to and they will continue to indeed occupy was the first kind of grassroots movement against that institution the system instead of a single issue and that really is a threat thank you so much mara their head and thanks for that i'm. like you see so far go to our youtube channel youtube dot com slash breaking the
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set and subscribe check out our facebook page or facebook. breaking the set and if you want to read what i'm doing when i'm not on air follow me on twitter at adam martin let's take a break from my preaching but stay tuned to hear about a series of subjects from one of my favorite journalists chris hedges next. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard luck and was a big picture. let me let me i want to know why don't you let me ask you a question. here on this network because we're having the debate we have our nightly show. this time it was just about staying there again your interest rate will be and i didn't mean to talk about the
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i mean let me. wealthy british style. that's what i like. all. markets why not candles find out what's really happening to the global economy with max kaiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on r g. it's. the sound. track.
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like you were about to do your job or to anything like that. it's not every day that i get to interview one of my journalistic heroes that's why today is very special earlier i had the chance to speak with chris hedges the prize winning journalist and author of many excellent books including the latest entitled days of destruction days of revolt i first asked chris about the cross-section of activism and journalism to concepts that i've been braised and practiced every day
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on this show here's what he had to say. you know being an activist and you know. necessarily impeach the possibility of being an affective journalists. as long as one always tells the truth it's journalists who serve a particular ideology or belief system. and m s n b c would be a perfect example of that m.s.m. d.c. is largely a propaganda arm of the democratic party. that's a problem for me it's been independent of power being in perpetual alienation with power which i think is really what real activists are. does stills with with what a great journalist should be it's journalists who identify with it in a logical systems or systems of power that become compromised and i speak as
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someone who worked for fifteen years at the new york times where the unwritten credo of the new york times is do not significantly alienate those on whom we depend for access and for money you can only take them sometimes but not a lot and reporters who tended to alienate either centers of power or commercial interests a lot got pushed out of the newspaper. so i don't see i think that's a kind of division i think the notion of objectivity itself has been used very pernicious by the commercial media. to not not tell the truth and not take the kind of moral stance that i think you know real journalism should always well put going right into the nomination of brennan as director of the cia we just saw him been announced yesterday i mean he's someone who applauded care they did torture under bush pioneered extra judicial
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assassination i mean his appointment was a hotly debated in two thousand and eight yet now there's this glaring lack of contention chris what happened. well the assault on civil liberties under the obama white house has been worse than under the bush white house whether that's the radical interpretation of the two thousand and one authorization to use military force act as giving the president the right to assassinate american citizens whether it is the fison amendment act with director actively makes legal what under our constitution has traditionally been illegal warrantless wiretapping monitoring eavesdropping of tens of millions of americans whether it is the use of the espionage act six times we just saw a cia official get indicted thirty months in prison being espionage for whistleblowers and that's not out yes to an object written one hundred seventeen
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was designed it's a kind of foreign secrets act or whether that's the section ten twenty one of the national defense authorization act and i sued the president over this section and one in the southern district court of new york it's now on appeal it was appealed by the obama administration and it's before the appellate court the second circuit appellate court new york where oral arguments will be argued february would show permits the u.s. military to seize american citizens who substantially support is not a legal term that's not material support in the taliban or something called associated forces only a military facility strip them of due process and keep them there indefinitely this all occurred under the obama administration not to mention of course the expansion of the drone attacks so you know what we're seen is a system. is set in place both in terms of the. diminishing of traditional civil liberties the expansion of imperial war the
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looting of the u.s. treasury on the part of wall street firms has continued unabated under the obama white house. on all of these major structural issues there is no difference between george bush and barack obama on some issues like civil liberties obama's worst. i mean he's entering his fourth term especially with appoint someone like brennan and the systematic erosion of our civil liberties the anti war movement also completely died the bush policies continued the blind party loyalty cause the death of the liberal class. you know what happened was in two thousand and four the leaders of the antiwar movement and i think in a very misguided decision decided to call a moratorium on demonstrations to elect john kerry who during the campaign if you remember out bush bush you know i would have never withdrawn from fallujah i mean it was and i think that this is part of the left failure that's not our job to take
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. to stand fast around moral imperative. and and challenge will centers of our democratic and republican. and so yes i think any war movement itself there's a great deal of culpability for it's its demise that it never really resurrected itself after that decision it almost seemed like it was just popular really. light shined a light on how really where was the war room and in general i mean how could it just die as the words continue i wanted to follow up with something that you recently wrote a column about every progressive populist movement has been completely destroyed in this country and you followed up by saying this is really a quote to me is that a pro fascist movement that coalesces around a mystical nationalism that fuses the symbols of the country with those of christianity that denigrates reason and elevates mass emotions will have broad appeal what is the danger of having
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a movement that's so radically nationalistic become the new revolutionary force in this country. well and asses what we are suffering through is political paralysis the inability by the formal systems of power to respond rationally to both an environmental and economic crisis the longer the paralysis continues i watched and i cover the breakdown of yugoslavia in the war in yugoslavia the more you empower radical fringe groups and extremist elements within the society who become disgusted with traditional liberal values because they don't function and that's where we are and so we have pro fascist forces in the united states coalesced around the christian right around the tea party around nativist elements. militia groups accept drug and he's function as fascist groups do they fuse the iconography language of nationalism rabbit nationalism with religion with the
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christian faith they direct a legitimate sense of betrayal and rage towards the weekend the vulnerable within the society muslims undocumented workers homosexuals intellectuals feminists liberals have a long list of people they hate they speak of course in the language of violence that celebrate the gun culture and they're real and of course they're bankrolled by the most retrograde elements of american capitalism embodied in the koch brothers and others and as the paralysis perpetuates as the state is unable to respond rationally to the suffering and grievances of the poor the working or increasingly the medical comply asked you will find this rage expressed through these elements this is coupled with the decision by the state i think a very misguided one to shut down nonviolent peaceful protests embodied in the occupy
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movement i wrote a book called death of the liberal class which sort of chronicles how we destroyed our populist and radical. movement and then the name of communism are liberal institutions so that means those of us who care about democratic populism. about a society built around a kind of equality and concern. that we are deeply disempowered at a very dangerous moment. the right goes you know those who make peaceful revolution possible make violent revolution inevitable it's a scary thought and let's talk about the gun culture i mean this is a huge debate right now going on this country especially in the wake of. the second amendment. what you know you were a plaintiff for the case as you were just saying it seems like all of these bill of rights are just being systematically eroded essentially gone i mean we don't have the right to due process unless unless and things are resolved is the second amendment relevant to rally behind when we're talking about fighting the biggest
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the most powerful military force in the world and why do you think people are so obsessed with this and not other bill of rights that are pretty much already gone but let's be clear about who is obsessed and it's mostly white males and i think a few figures like. that when they said. the gun culture of the fuel or the engine of the gun culture is largely white people who are terrified of. and that's why there isn't going to be any serious gun control. and you know we are seeing for instance in the south an explosion of the neo confederate movement confederate memorials or pop as a salad ballet they have three confederate holidays including martin luther king slash robert e. lee day. and that also happened in yugoslavia that as the society break broke down
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people retreated into kind of ethnic chauvinism ethnic myths of past glory a mythical version of history. and i think the figure is you know since the newtown massacre five hundred eighty eight people in this country have been killed through because of shootings. and this is very frank undercurrent of violence in american society runs very deep. you know the idea that people have guns because they're gonna fight off the federal government i spent twenty years as a war correspondent i can assure you that i should maybe seal team shop aside your house nobody's going to start firing out the window you know what happens in these societies that are armed and this again happened in yugoslavia is that they use these weapons against the defenseless. you you know you have that kind of in kohei rage and frustration and alienation and most of these massacres are carried
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out of course by white males and they just begin to lash out with a kind of blind fury like a wounded animal and that is always characteristic of disintegrating societies and i see nothing within the mechanisms of power to hold that i'm in fact the response after the newtown massacre was there was a run on assault rifles because people are worried that they're going to be back. that was journalist and author chris hedges and that's only on to say check our youtube channel at youtube dot com slash breaking the set for a full interview or he elaborated on capitalism and sacrifice zones and yes while things seem bleak there is one solution that he advocates for he says quote revolt is all we have left it's our only hope and i hope one of the floor of our it'll die but that depends on you and me.
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alone with. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got.


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